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Hello, I'm Alex.

"Work is easy to go to  when you spend your day making people feel beautiful and confident."

Alex is a great listener and very down to earth.  She has a very calm energy to her  which makes her great at challenges.   she finishes your appointments with killer  blow out styles but the great thing is she gives you tips on how to create the look at home.


"I love being creative!  I get to use my creativity everyday by producing beautiful hand painted highlights or dimensional color and easy to maintain haircuts.    I love seeing my guests so excited about their new color and style.  It makes me proud of what I do. 


Another way I love to showcase my creativity is through makeup.  Makeup is how I started in this industry.  I love the transformations I can do whether it's a classic bridal look or special effects.

When you sit in my chair I will take the extra time to fully understand what you want.  I will be honest if I think it is not possible and work with you to get you on your way to your goal or come up with a new plan that you will also love."

"In my spare time I love to hang out with my friends, play board games and experiment with makeup."

Would you like to see my portfolio?  Check out my Instagram page by clicking here.

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