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2020 Haircut Trends

The start of every year brings new trends. Some are pretty extreme or avant garde - like the modern mullet - so I've narrowed down the ones that are more welcoming and attractive.

If you've flirted with a hairstyle change, 2020 might be the year to embrace that!

Blunt Bob

Bobs are so versatile because there are different variations of them. This year we'll probably be seeing bob haircuts that end between the jawline and shoulders. Blunt bobs leave a strong impression and give the illusion of volume for those with fine hair.

Kristen Bell (Pinterest)

One Length, Middle Part

You don't have to have short hair for it to be one length. You can class up this look with a sleek middle part. And maintenance is pretty simple.

Kim Kardashian (Getty Images)

Short Bangs

Not going to lie, this trend prediction caught me by surprise. I think the key to pulling off a shorter fringe is to make them full, NOT wispy. Also if you have thick brows.

Emma Watson (Pop Sugar Australia)

Modern Shag

The shag made its comeback a few years ago. A variation I'm seeing is less choppy layers - meaning, more movement and layers towards the bottom of the haircut - with a strong emphasis on a heavy bang. Almost all hair types can rock this look!

Taylor Swift (Getty Images)

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