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Awaken Your Scalp

In past blog posts, I've written about Surface color and lightener. Clients (and myself!) have been LOVING the line.

I'm so excited to showcase with you the Awaken line by Surface.

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

post partum hair loss

alopecia (balding spots)

thinning hair



itchy scalp

Awaken IS the solution for you. The line is an alternative to prescriptions like minoxidil, over-the-counter options like Rogaine, and cheap quality shampoos like Head And Shoulders.

As we age, 40% of women and 85% of men will experience hair loss. Just like how we exercise and eat healthy to set us up for good health later in life, we may not think to do the same thing for our hair. It’s so important to be proactive - the earlier we address and invest in an issue, the better!

photo by Surface Hair

Hair has 3 stages of growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Since most hair grows at the anagen stage, Awaken products target hair at this stage.

Thus, a healthy scalp produces healthy hair.

Awaken products can be used both in salon and at home. Ask one of your stylists at CR Salon about what you can do for a more healthy scalp. We will be SO happy to talk to you about Awaken!

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