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Combating Cowlicks

Maybe of us suffer from one of the worst hair related nuances: the cowlick.

A cowlick is a section of hair that grows in a different direction than the rest. Most are found in the forehead, crown, or the nape of the neck.

Cowlicks cannot be permanently fixed - but there are ways to fight them and conquer the battle. Here are some of my tips:

photo by Alex Perez

Combating cowlicks

At the forehead:

Blowdrying bangs is a must if you have a cowlick right in front. Air drying will set the cowlick, and then it's game over.

Start by blow drying in the direction of the cowlick for a few seconds. Then switch directions. Repeat once or twice. Once the moisture is mostly removed, style with a round brush.

If your cowlick is prominent and/or difficult, make sure your bangs thick enough to weigh it down.

At the crown:

Cowlicks here are an issue for both short and long hair. Regardless of your length and density, consider leaving hair longer in that section. This will add more weight, and therefore covering and controlling that pesky cowlick.

When styling, use a strong hold product (such as a mousse or gel) at your root. This will give you volume and control.

At the nape of the neck:

Cowlicks here aren't so noticeable on longer hair. But for those who like short cuts, this can be a major area of frustration.

Try having your hair cut a little shorter at your neck than the rest of your hair - otherwise, when it's blown dry it might hang lower and look uneven.

Bonus tips!

Change your part. It may take a few days to get used to, but stick with it and you may notice a difference.

Leave your hair curly or wavy. This way no one will notice you even have a cowlick!

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