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Do You Have Hard Water?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

How many of you get frustrated when, only a few weeks after leaving the salon, your hair color looks dull and lifeless? Hopefully not many of you, but the reality is: a lot of us have hard water!

Hard water means that your household water is clouded with elements such as chlorine, magnesium, copper, or iron.

You may have hard water if...

…you find green or rest around the drain in your shower/bathtub

…your hair matts up after shampooing

…a white film/residue appears on your dishes/glassware

Water softeners or filtration systems can be expensive, and not in most peoples’ budgets. But alas, there are solutions thanks to your stylist! At CR Salon, we can offer three fantastic and affordable solutions:

1. Malibu Demineralizer treatment: this 15-20 minute treatment draws out mineral deposits.

2. Purify deep cleansing shampoo: this shampoo was designed to remove ALL impurities from the hair shaft. It is color safe and sulfate free.

3. Clear gloss: whether or not you are a color client, a clear gloss will add life and shine back to your hair - especially your ends.

Comment below for further clarification or questions on how to have healthy hair while living with hard water.

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