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Dreaded Dandruff!

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The colder months are creeping up on us! Now is the time to talk about dandruff. It tends to be more noticeable around this time of year because when the air becomes dry, so does our skin, and thus our scalp.

Here are some basic facts to know about dandruff:

- The technical term is called seborrheic dermatitis.

- It's caused by a fungus that feeds on your scalp's oils.

- Men suffer more than women.

- Dandruff is NOT contagious. - A poor diet can be one cause of dandruff.

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Here are some tips to tackling dandruff:

- Consult your stylist. Don't be embarrassed! We're here to listen to and analyze your concerns.

- Know your shampoo. Our retail line, Surface, has a shampoo called Awaken that aids scalp issues. It contains ingredients like cayenne pepper, silica, and peppermint oil to support healthy scalp stimulation. (Do NOT use over-the-counter hair products that are labeled as a "dandruff shampoo," like Head and Shoulders. The ingredients will make your hair more brittle. My husband can attest to this!)

- Clean your hair brushes. Think about it: if your scalp is flaking, and you brush your hair, then dandruff builds up on your brushes. Soak your brushes weekly in a bath of hot water and shampoo.

- Do not scratch your scalp. Not only will this produce more flakes, but it will be messy (if flakes land on your clothing) and ruin the look of your hair.

- If you experience intense dandruff, you may need a medicated shampoo. At this point, consult your physician.

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