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Groovy Baby! The Shag is Back!

Have you ever heard someone say, "trends usually make a comeback?" Well, this is certainly the case with shag haircuts! Pictures are exploding all over social media, and several clients are requesting a modern shag. Who knows - this could be your next cut!

What defines a "shag"?

A shag haircut is defined by a LOT of layers + a bang. Layers are throughout the hair, and the shortest layer can be quite short. A typical shag has side bangs or a full fringe that covers the forehead. This truly pulls the haircut together.

Different types of shags

Shags are so versatile - they work on a multitude of hair types.

Thick hair: since a shag is a layered haircut, it works great for women with thick hair because it will make your hair feel less bulky. It's a great style for medium to long hair.

Curly hair: a shag will add a ton of texture and define gorgeous curls! This cut will be easy for a scrunch and go gal. Tip: keep the fringe longer - curly hair bounces up when cut.

Fine hair: a shag will give you such an edge! This can be worn curly or straight. For fine hair, the shag will look great shoulder length or above.

A shag is probably not for you if...

... you wear a ponytail. Depending on how short your layers are, you may not be able to pull your hair into a complete ponytail.

... you don't like a stylist to use a razor or texturizing shear. A shag is a VERY textured haircut that requires your stylist to do detail work when your hair is dry. This is typically done using a razor or texturizing shear. Some clients have had negative experiences with these tools, but please trust the process!

... you have fine, straight hair that you don’t want to blow-dry. A shag will be high styling maintenance for women with fine hair. It's certainly not impossible, but you should be prepared for a little extra work in your routine.

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