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How to Handle Quarantine Hair!

Hair salons are considered “nonessential” businesses. While I think in ways that is arguable (who’s to say that covering grays that peek through, a post break up new haircut, and maintaining frizz before humidity slams us are nothing short of essential), my profession puts me in direct physical contact with guests.

So, I get it.

Looks like we are all going to suffer for a bit. Even Kylie Jenner is wearing her hair au natural.

photo by Kylie Jenner

With that being said, I want to talk about some do’s and don’ts with hair while we are social distancing.


Moisturize your hair. Something we may be forgetting is that we’re now officially in spring. Weather will eventually warm up and humidity will hit us smack in the face.

Be proactive! While you’re stuck at home, do a conditioning masque or treatment.


Box dye your hair. PLEASE do not do this. Box color is not one size fits all. Companies make it look so easy, and make it seem like anyone can be a hairstylist.

There are factors we take into consideration when creating a customized hair color for you in the salon. Box color applications are often messy, unclear, and result in uneven looks. Correcting this is a costly endeavor, running around 2-3x the cost of your average salon visit.

Hey, if you want to pay me what I charge for color corrections, be my guest!


Plan for your spring look. When you blossom out of social distancing, what look will you be feeling? Maybe some subtle balayage around your face? A shag haircut you’ve always wanted to try? A major transformation after a major world epidemic?

It’s never too early to plan. In fact, now would be a great time. I can assure you your stylist will be slammed when she’s allowed back at the salon, so when you book your appointment, have an idea in mind.

photo by Lesly Juarez


Wash your hair as often as normal.

If you’re someone who washes every day or every other day, this is a great way to retrain your hair wash habits. If you over-wash, your scalp will overproduce oils, making your hair seem oily.

Do you have a stash of dry shampoo you’ve never used? Now is the time!


Show some love and appreciation for your stylist by leaving a review! Reviews - especially via Google, Facebook, and Yelp - are testimonials for prospective guests to see. If they read how happy you are with your stylist/salon, that generates new business for us…AND earns you $25 off your next visit to CR Salon!

I hope this helps, guys. I can’t wait to see you all soon!

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