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Introducing Cezanne

At CR Salon, healthy hair is so important to us (and our guests). I've written in the past about our organic color line called Pure Color by Surface.

I'm so excited to tell you that we are now using a non-toxic and safe smoothing treatment called Cezanne.

What is a smoothing treatment?

Smoothing systems (also known as a keratin treatment) are intended to reduce frizz and make your head of hair more manageable. Keratin is a protein found in our hair, skin and nails. This treatment essentially replenishes the hair with keratin and other nourishing ingredients. It's ideal for those looking to greatly reduce frizz. It's even great for blondes or color clients who feel like their hair lacks hydration.

How is Cezanne safer than other smoothing treatments?

Most smoothing treatments on the market have a concentration of formaldehyde. When heat is applied during the final steps of the treatment, formaldehyde gets released as a vapor. This is toxic not only to the stylist but to you as a guest!

Cezanne has zero formaldehyde in their formula. It's so safe in fact, that the stylist doesn't need to wear gloves when applying!

Here are some of Cezanne's key ingredients:

Aloe vera: promotes hydration

Sericin: a protein created by silkworms, sericin helps bond the Cezanne treatment to the hair strand

Sugar cane: adds incredible shine

Glycolic acid: an anti-aging ingredient that enhances manageability and moisture

Why does Cezanne stand out?

Depending on your maintenance routine (aka, how often you wash and the quality of shampoo you're using), the Cezanne treatment can last up to 5 1/2 months.

No down time: you can wash your hair, get a color service, wear a ponytail, go swimming, etc. immediately after a Cezanne treatment.

No unpleasant odor during the treatment application.

For guests with curly hair, it will not change the texture of your curl pattern or permanently straighten your hair.

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