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Let's Talk Layers

When it comes to haircuts, we tend to be attracted to an overall look.

If a guest shows me a photo, my first question is going to be, "what do you like about this look?" I ask this as a starting point to gauge what your eye is drawn to. However, it tends to be problematic for people to identify layers or articulate what they're looking for in a haircut.

So for this post, I'm going to explain layers with visuals! My intention is to break down several general types of haircuts - all of which, of course, can be modified.


("blunt cut," "one length cut", "blunt bob")

This cut has no layers. All of the weight sits at the bottom of the haircut to give the illusion of appearing thicker. This cut will work for almost any hair type, or for women who like to wear their hair straight.

TIP: if you have hair that flips out on one side, or if you have fine-medium hair, it's best to wear this cut above your shoulders.

Square layers

("short layers," "lob,")

These layers are subtle. They're not choppy or overtly noticeable. Square layers are great for removing that "triangle shape" that a haircut sometimes takes on. It's also a great look for someone who changes their part frequently. This cut looks best any length between mid neck and collarbone.

TIP: square layers add some volume to those who like a blunt bottom.

Classic layers

("long layers", "inverted layers," "chandelier layers")

These layers are also meant to be subtle and sleek, but on hair longer than shoulder length. The back will have layering towards the bottom. Shortest layers will be in front to frame your face, typically starting under the chin. This gives a lot of flexibility for styling. A haircut with classic layers will look beautiful on women with normal to thick hair, who either love to curl their hair, embrace natural wave, or throw into a ponytail.

TIP: love this look but feel like your hair may be too heavy at the bottom? Ask your stylist to texturize your ends to remove bulk.

Versatile layers

("shag," "lots of layers," "textured layers")

A haircut with versatile layers will have a LOT of layers, meaning that you will have much texture and movement to your hair. This is a popular look right now! The shag was popular a few decades ago and is making a comeback. Style icons like Meg Ryan, Halle Berry, Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen, and even Taylor Swift rock these layers. If you have fine-medium hair, this cut may require a lot of will give you a ton of volume. If you have normal-thick/curly hair, this is perfect to scrunch/diffuse and go.

Also, bangs truly tie this look together, but it's okay to do without.

TIP: if you want this cut but your hair is long enough to put in a ponytail, make sure your top layers aren't too short or they will fall out of your pony.

I hope this breakdown helps you to better understand a variety of haircuts! Again, these are styles are a starting point. If you want to frame your face, see less volume or bulk, or incorporate bangs, ask your stylist for advice!

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