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Red Trend

Fall is in full swing folks. The most requested color this season? Red!

It’s a trendy color this time of year because when we think of the colder seasons, we think warmth and richness.

When I say "red," I mean different variations of red. Brunettes with red tones. Full on redheads. Red highlights. Copper. Interpretations of "red" is endless.

Read below for the 411 on red hair.

The Science Behind Reds:

Red hair molecules are the largest of any found in the hair. This makes it difficult to penetrate the cuticle - meaning, red molecules basically sit on the surface of your hair. This is why you often here that red is the one color that fades the quickest and is the most difficult tone to remove from the hair.

Maintenance for Reds:

Because of the uniqueness of red hair color, maintaining your red locks at home will take some work. Here are my 3 best pieces of advice for maintaining the longevity of your color:

1. Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. This may be a given, but if you’re using over-the-counter or drugstore products at home, be wary. They may be marketed as “color safe” or “organic,” but your stylist will be able to detect harsh ingredients. Invest in your hair by investing in salon quality products.

2. Shampoo less frequently. Keep the vibrancy of your red by shampooing only twice a week at most.

3. Pick the right tone. With so many different choices of red tones, you’re bound to get confused! Consult with your stylist about a shade that will not only look beautiful when you leave the salon, but will also look great when it fades.

Red hair is for you if…

…you don’t mind (or even love) warm tones

…you’re willing to change your makeup palette and wardrobe 

…you want a noticeable change, and want others to notice also

Red hair is not for you if…

…you want to be blond again anytime soon

…you aren’t willing to shampoo with cold water

...don't want to commit to a salon schedule

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