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Should I Get Highlights?

With the unofficial start to the summer this weekend, the salon has been busy lightening up guests for the warmer months. If you've never added highlights to your color service, or if you're thinking of doing something a little different during your next salon visit, this post is for you!

photo by @hairbykatiemccluskey

Highlights give dimension

"Dimension" is a term used very often in the salon. It describes a contrast of colors in your hair. If you are a client who only does a root color, then you most likely won't have dimension in your hair. Highlights can break up a solid or flat looking color without committing to something entirely new.

Highlights don't have to be just blonde

A common misconception is that highlights = bright blonde. This is not true! Highlights can be 1-2 shades lighter than your base color. Or they can be blonde, a light brunette, red, etc. The choice is yours!

Concerned about damage?

Another misconception is that highlights are damaging. At CR Salon, your stylist will NOT compromise your hair - rest assured. One of the lighteners we use has silk and rice proteins. However, if you have health concerns or scalp sensitivity, the salon also has an organic lightener - yes, organic!

photos by @hairbykatiemccluskey

Do a little or a lot

At CR Salon, highlighting options for guests are:

Mini foil: 8-10 foils that frame your face. This is low impact and a great way to give a little change.

Partial foil: highlights lay over the top of your head - great for guests who mostly wear their hair down.

Full foil: this will be high impact and change your overall look, giving the most dimension.

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