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The Importance of Haircuts!

How many of us ask ourselves, "how often do I really need a haircut?"

The answer actually varies for everyone. Genetically, you may have hair that grows faster or slower than most people. Or you have a short haircut that requires a trim more often than someone with long, flowing locks. Regardless, it's so important to maintain regular haircuts. At CR Salon, we generally suggest a trim every 6-8 weeks. Here's why:

photo by Niklas Hamann

4 Signs you need a haircut

#1: You're seeing split ends.

Split ends grow up the hair shaft. The longer you wait to trim, the farther up they travel, leaving the ends of your hair brittle and weak. If you heat style your hair often, your hair is more prone to split ends, breakage and frizz.

#2: Your hair lacks shape.

As your hair grows, certain pieces or sections may not lay like they did the day you left the salon. Your hair may feel bulky. Or you may have cowlicks that make styling frustrating. This means your hair is growing, and it's time to reshape.

#3: You're becoming lax on your styling routine.

If it's all too easy to throw your hair up in a ponytail or neglect styling your hair before you start your day, these are probably signs you're no longer thrilled with how your hair looks,

#4: You chemically process your hair often.

If you color, highlight or bleach your hair, you have chemically processed hair. During certain seasons, you may notice your hair feels drier than normal. If you have a difficult time getting a brush through your hair, it's time for a haircut.

photo by Alex Holyoake

Consultation is key

I have several clients who experience some level of anxiety when they are about to get a haircut. This can be due to personal expectations, negative past experiences, or they're afraid of change. Whether you're looking for a reshaping or a hair transformation, always feel free to book a consultation with your stylist.

Personally, I love getting haircuts! I look forward to a new style and seeing my hair feel revitalized. My hair is fine and flat, so I use a curling iron almost every day. I know I need a haircut when my ends start getting stuck to my curling iron and my hair mattes up in the shower.

How do YOU feel about maintaining a haircut schedule? Comment below with your thoughts.

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