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Truths and Myths about Hair

The internet is host to many, many claims and falsities about hair. I'm here to explain a few facts and debunk some common myths!

photo by Serrah Galos

"Hair grows faster in the summer."

Fact. When the weather is warm, blood flows more efficiently to all parts of the body - whereas in winter, blood flow circulates best to vital organs. Better circulation increases the rate of hair growth. It's said that hair grows 10-15% faster in the summer.

"If you have greasy hair, skip conditioner."

Myth. Oil is produced from your scalp, not from your hair follicles. If you have "greasy hair," your ends most likely will not be greasy. In fact, if you skip conditioner, it's quite likely that your ends are dry and don't detangle well.

"Wearing your hair up and tight can damage your hair."

Fact. Doing so long term can hinder your hair's growth in that spot. Pulling your hair back very tightly puts pressure on hair strands - especially if you put your hair in a bun or ponytail in the same spot against your scalp.

photo by Nestoras Argiris

"Split ends can be repaired without trimming."

Myth. Despite what you read on the internet about DIY hair masks, cutting your hair is the only way to get rid of split ends. Home remedies will not seal split ends - they will only nourish your hair until your next shampoo.

"Pregnant women should not get keratin treatments."

Fact. Many keratin hair treatments, no matter what brand (and there are many), contain a chemical called formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can be absorbed into your body through your skin and nasal passages. Companies advise pregnant women not to get a keratin treatment during pregnancy because it can be harmful to the fetus.

"Constantly wearing a hair will promote hair loss."

Myth. This is a common myth I've seen and heard, but I haven't found research to support this claim. Hair that grows from your scalp doesn't need to breath or be exposed to the elements in order to grow. Our hair isn't like plants in a garden!

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