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Truths and Myths About Hair 2.0

The internet swarms us with a lot of information that isn't necessarily true. This certainly applies to tips, tricks, and guidance when it comes to handling issues with your hair.

I've done a post like this in the past, but I'm going to delve a little further. Below, I'll expand on truths and debunk myths about your hair.

photo by Hannah Morgan

"Brushing my from bottom to top Is the easiest way to detangle."

Truth. It's a common myth that brushing your hair from roots to ends will distribute the hair's natural oils. I have not found any science behind this that supports the overall health of your hair. However, brushing from ends to roots is the best way to detangle because it's the method that's least harsh on your locks.

"Oils will help make my hair grow faster."

Myth. Think about it: oils are a lubricant. And they are messy. Do you really want oils and ointments on your roots? Hair oils (hair products or prescriptions, not food grade oils) help to moisturize the ends of your hair and can be added to your daily hair regimen. But they certainly will not promote or stimulate hair growth.

"Stress can cause gray hair."

Truth...sort of. Graying is determined mostly by genetics. However, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), stress can't literally turn your hair gray (or overnight, no less), but stress CAN cause you to gray sooner. One more way that stress affects our physicality!

"If I pluck a gray hair, more will grow back."

Myth. Man, I hear this one all the time. Pluck that one gray hair if you really want to, but it doesn't mean the surrounding hairs will suddenly lose their pigment. Yes, that one hair will be removed and temporarily make you feel better...but doing so can actually traumatize the hair follicle if its removed too aggressively.

photo by BBH_singapore

"Thyroid disorders can cause hair loss."

Truth. When your thyroid hormones are out of whack, one unfortunate symptom is hair loss. This doesn't necessarily mean you literally lose patches of hair. It's more likely that your hair will thin out. If you suffer from thyroid issues, your doctor is more qualified to give you treatment advice than I am.

"If I'm pregnant, I can't color my hair."

Myth. Most hair color and developers contain ammonia, but a pregnant woman would have to inhale high traces to have an affect on the fetus/baby. In my research, I've found that risk is not associated with hair color being absorbed on the skin (aka scalp). If this still makes you uncomfortable, rest assured that CR Salon offers 2 lines of organic color!

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