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Vivids Color Maintenance

We all thought these vibrant, vivid colors would be a fad, right? Trends come and go, but there will always be those clients who want to express themselves via unconventional colors!

As a hairstylist, a LOT of work goes into achieving these looks. An extra level of care is required to maintain these colors. Here are 5 tips on how:

Get used to the cold. Washing your hair with cool/cold water is a must. Hot water opens the cuticle, which lets color molecules to slip out - affecting the longevity of those gorgeous colors. In the colder months this seems impossible - however, try washing your hair in your kitchen sink so your whole body doesn't have to suffer!

Meet your new bffs. The more frequently you shampoo, the less vibrant your color will look. Stick to dry shampoo as often as possible in between washing! Heat protectants help maintain the integrity of your hair. Also, most hair sprays contain alcohol which will dry out your hair.

Keep that heat low. Most vivids colors require a lot of bleaching. Thus, a high heat setting on your blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron is a no no! Keep the temperature at 300-325 degrees at most.

Do you know what's in your water? If you have hard or well water, or chlorine in your water, vivids may not be right for you. In general, mineral buildup is tough on hair. If they react to vivids colors, after only a few washes you may notice a dramatic difference in the vibrancy of your color. Consider making a weekly salon appointment for a wash and blow dry.

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