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Ways to Prep Your Hair for Fall

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

photo by Roksolana Zasiadko

The colder months really crept up on us, didn't they?!

Where summer brought humidity and frizz, autumn brings dry air and static hair. Taming your hair for a new season is just as essential as swapping out summer tops for sweaters.

Here are some ways - both in salon and at home - that help combat the onslaught of cold weather.

In Salon:

Treat yourself to a treatment. If you notice your skin getting dry this year, that also means your hair is getting dry. At CR Salon, we have several treatment options including a deep conditioning masque and an awaken scalp facial. All of our treatments contain at least one of these three key ingredients: Glycerin (drives moisture into the hair and tames frizz), Shea Butter (heavy moisturizer that is very beneficial to dry hair), and Jojoba (high in multiple vitamins and, depending on the concentration, may help alleviate dandruff).

Seal those ends. Consider adding a glaze to your color service, even if it's a clear one. Summer hair - hair color faded from the sun - can look dull. Salon quality hair color can nourish hair strands and add shine (shine is a good indicator of healthy hair). A glaze will also make your hair easier to brush through and style.

If you are a highlight client who still wants dimension, ask your stylist about our organic lightener. It lifts and conditions simultaneously, as to keep your hair as healthy as possible!

Keep up with a keratin. Keratin treatments are not just for summer. In the colder months the treatment will protect your hair from static and frizz caused by rain or light snow. Another added bonus: they cut your styling time up to 50%. Clients who blow dry in the morning can spend a few extra precious minutes in bed!

photo by Amadeo Muslimović

At Home:

Moisturize those hair strands. From fall to spring, your hair needs extra moisture when the temperature changes because it's when hair strands are most fragile. This is the perfect time to utilize leave-in conditioners and oils. They help lock in moisture, and salon quality products will protect against UVA and UVB rays. You may not be basking in the sun on a beach, but your hair is still exposed to harmful rays when you do things like driving and raking leaves!

Give your scalp love. A healthy scalp allows for constant circulation. The hair's natural oils keep your scalp hydrated. At least twice a day, give it some stimulation by brushing or massaging with clean hands. This will distribute your hair's natural oils and help promote hair growth.

A bristle brush is ideal, but a metal brush or detangling brush will work just fine. Be sure to clean them once a week.

Ease up on hot water. Of course, no one wants to shower in cold water. Unfortunately, hot water blasts open the cuticle of a hair strand. This makes your hair prone to breakage, and will fade your color faster.

Try gradually easing up on the temperature of your shower. Wash your hair first thing, and that way you can warm up.

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