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Why Leave-In Conditioner is Underrated

I bet you’re wondering: why would I use a leave-in conditioner when I use conditioner in the shower?

Leave-in conditioner is a great side kick to your hair routine. Think of it as an insurance policy to your hair investment. Why wait until your hair is damaged to protect it?

If there’s one product to add to your regimen, it’s hands-down a leave-in conditioner. Read below to find out why!

photo by @curology

How Do I Use a Leave-In Conditioner?

A leave-in conditioner is just that: it doesn’t get rinsed out. This gives your hair an extra boost of moisture until your next shampoo. They are designed to be light weight as to not weigh down your hair.

The product comes in different forms but it’s typically a spray. To use a leave-in conditioner, hold the product about 12” away from your hair. Mist evenly onto your hair, really concentrating on your ends. If you’re concerned about the leave-in hitting your roots, tip your head over and spray on that way for more control.

What are the benefits of a leave-in conditioner??


Protects against heat styling products.

Protects against the sun and environmental factors.

Manages frizz.

Makes styling easier.

Adds shine to dull color-treated hair.

Surface Leave-In Products.

Surface - the product line carried at CR Salon - has two wonderful leave-in conditioners: trinity protein cream and awaken mist. (One more is about to be released)!

The key ingredients in Surface leave-in conditioners are amaranth and soy protein (to protect and strengthen) and babassu (to add shine and repair). These are professionally exclusive ingredients designed only to benefit your locks!

More likely than not, your stylist has already used one or both of these prior to your haircut or blow dry. Feel free to ask us questions about the product itself or its application!

Bonus Tip!

During the winter months, our hair is more prone to static. You can use a little leave-in conditioner in place of hairspray to tame flyaways.

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