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Hello, I'm Ashley.

"I love working with people.  I love talking to them and learning all about them and their lives.  I believe this makes it easier for me to make style, color and product recommendations that will suit their lifestyle."

Ashley has a truly gentle nature.  she genuinely cares about others and it shows in her interactions with her guests and fellow team members.    she listens to her guests and makes recommendations on what can be done in-salon and at home to keep their hair in the best condition.

     Since I was a young child I love to be creative, whether it was doing watercolor painting with my grandma or doodling in my school notebook.  Doing hair is another way for me to have a creative outlet everyday.
     I think communication is super important.  I make sure to take the time needed to really listen to my guests needs.  One of my top priorities is to keep the integrity of your hair.  I want you to not only have beautiful hair but for it to be healthy as well.  I will make sure to recommend the correct hair care specifically for you and your hair type to keep it looking its best.
     I like to make people feel good about themselves.  It can be very rewarding knowing that I helped someone feel great about themselves or that I was able to help them meet their hair goals.
     Every year I take several classes on new techniques. The beauty industry is always changing and  I think it is so important to stay educated and never stop learning.  
     In my free time you will find me with my friends, family or boyfriend.  I love the outdoors.  You can most likely find me by the water or kayaking with my boyfriend and dog.

Would you like to see my portfolio?  Check out my Instagram page by clicking here.

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