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     Let me introduce myself to you.  I am Cindy, owner and stylist at CR Salon.  I am a wife and mother to a beautiful little boy,  We have a pit bull named Sally, a cat named Salem and our newest edition a fish named Choo-Choo, (Can you tell my son is currently obsessed with trains?)  We love to get silly and have dance parties in the kitchen and sing silly songs.  I love to read when I have time and can stay a wake long enough.  I love the beach but don't actually like to go in the water.  My husband and I love to go out for nice dinners and travel, though things have changed some since we had our son,  
     I didn't start out with dreams of being a hairstylist.  I actually wanted to be an accountant but I always loved the fashion and beauty industry.  I decided college was not for me and went on to go to school to be an Aesthetician. 
    I liked being an Aesthetician but after working in the salon for a few years and overcoming my extreme shyness I decided to go to Cosmetology school.  I love the excitement of the transformations that I can make in just a short amount of time.  It was in cosmetology school where my dream of opening my own salon began as well.
     As a stylist, I believe in working one on one with you to come up with a plan and style that best suits your hair type, personal style, lifestyle and also how much time, effort and maintenance you want to put into your hair.  I believe in saying no if I believe your hair's integrity is in jeopardy.  I love when my guests leave feeling happy, beautiful and confident, that is why it always important to me to keep our appointments positive and relaxed.  I am always up for a good conversation but I am also completely comfortable with letting you sit and relax in quiet while I work.  I understand that for many of you this is your only time to yourself.  
     If you are ready to book your appointment with me go ahead and call the salon at (203)263-6330 or click here.
     Be sure to check me out on my Instagram, @cindycrsalonhair and follow me!
     I can't wait to meet you!

Maggie, Woodbury, CT

I have been going to CR Salon since....well let's just say it's been a few years.

I hit the jackpot with Cindy....and all the ladies are exceptional at interpreting the best hair style for you....and the art of highlighting/coloring, etc.

The salon is always immaculate with the sound of good music, good humor and friendly conversations.

There's a warmth  of coming home to visit good friends.....and offer of coffee, tea, water and snackies...and the knowledge of quality products to care for your hair.

LOVE my CR Salon days....and the compliments tht ensue after every visit!

What people are saying

Eve, Woodbury, CT

I have been going to CR Salon for a number of years and have never walked out disappointed.  I have very fine hair and Cindy does an excellent job of cutting and styling my hair so I look like I have lots of hair.  Last week she showed me how to blow dry y hair so it looks fuller - it doesn't look as good as when she does it but what a difference it has made - my hair is much fuller now when I do it myself.  I cannot recommend her too highly - she is great.

Loueta, Watertown, CT

I have been a client at CR Salon from the begining.  Cindy's skills as a stylist mean the world to me....I love the care she brings to every appointment.  The shop has a happy, welcoming vibe.

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