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Hello, I'm Cindy.

"I love that i get to meet and develop relationships with so many wonderful people.  I love that I get to give guests a space to relax in and feel cared for.  I love to see woman walk out of the salon feeling more confident, beautiful and positive than when they walked in."
     I didn't start out with dreams of being a hairstylist.  I actually wanted to be an accountant but I always loved the fashion and beauty industry.  I decided college was not for me and went on to go to school to be an Aesthetician.
    I liked being an Aesthetician but after working in the salon for a few years and overcoming my extreme shyness I decided to go to Cosmetology school.  I love the excitement of the transformations that I can make in just a short amount of time.  It was in cosmetology school where my dream of opening my own salon and spa began as well.
     As a stylist, I believe in working one on one with you to come up with a plan and style that best suits your hair type, personal style, lifestyle and also how much time, effort and maintenance you want to put into your hair.  I believe in saying no if I believe your hair's integrity is in jeopardy.  I love when my guests leave feeling happy, beautiful and confident, that is why it always important to me to keep our appointments positive and relaxed.  I am always up for a good conversation but I am also completely comfortable with letting you sit and relax in quiet while I work.  I understand that for many of you this is your only time to yourself.  
      In my spare time, well let's be honest there really isn't a whole lot of spare time, but I love hanging out with my son and my husband. We like to take our pit bull Sally for walks, go out to eat, play with whatever is our sons current obsession.  I love to read.  I love the beach but don't actually like to go in the water.  I love to travel and spend time with my family.

Would you like to see my portfolio?  Check out my Instagram page by clicking here.

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